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Mon - Fri 10:00Am - 6:00pm

Drleo Kidswear

DrLeo Baby Sweater - We can be heroes print

Rs. 499.00

Sweater in cotton we can be heroes printIt is made with 95% cotton & 5% elastane soft fabric, bio-washed, super soft finishing, smooth texture, natural colours & non-toxic.  “dr. Leo”, redefines care for your neonates and little ones.

  At A Glance:

 kidswear products bring happiness and smile on the face of your babies. Our baby range combines artisanal craft with high functionality, producing a set of timeless designs to comfort your baby through the seasons and generations of wear and tear.

kidswear  introduces premium and quality products at affordable prices. Our products are 100% cotton/cotton spandex, non-allergic, bio-washed.

   Quality Report:

 kidswear products are tested by ISO-accredited laboratories.  We have passed the following tests for our products to ensure the quality & safety of your loved ones as we are launching care redefined brand.

100% Soft Cotton    
Bio Washing Product    
Chlorinated Phenol   
Free Formaldehyde   
Extractable Heavy Metals    
Detection of Banned Amines   
Allergenic Disperse Dye   
pH Value   
Organotin Compounds    
Chlorinated Phenol   
Free Formaldehyde    
Extractable Heavy Metals   
Detection of Banned Amines    


Parents’ peace of mind guaranteed!
 kidswear fabrics are tested by ISO certified laboratories and are free of harmful chemicals and irritants. We ensure higher standards that are better for the skin. Your baby will feel only the softest fabrics. All of it at the best affordable prices!!

Best affordable prices ever!
 kidswear clothing essentials starts for a price of INR 59 without compromising the quality. You can stock up on each colour of a clothing item in your wardrobe. We are driven by the notion of high-quality clothing at the best affordable prices for all.

The softest little things ever!
 kidswear uses 100% of the softest combed cotton that is thoughtfully designed.


Creating the comfort kids need.
 kidswear aims to bring joy and playful designs to children’s lives, thanks to our affordable decorations and practical pieces. We bring imaginative play to bed-time, bath time and even makes savings to parents pocket. All of the products are sure to put a smile on little faces by creating the comfort kids need.

A guaranteed head turner!
  kidswear makes delightful clothing for kids and has an eye-catching range of kids clothing for all occasions – a guaranteed head-turner!

Premium quality.

  kidswear offers beautiful premium quality kids wear with playful prints and timeless designs - creates a collection which appeals to both parents and little ones alike.

Traditionally modern.
 kidswear focuses on traditional detailing with modern and thought-out elements to showcase how classic looks can appeal to your newborns and little ones.

The perfect note between comfort & style.
Our products are skin-kind silk fabric tailored dresses and easy-fit knits, each clothing has a touch of finesse, striking the perfect note between comfort and style.

Unique fits.
  kidswear combines signature premium quality fabrics with technical materials, unique fits and the brightest, quirkiest designs.

Art-inspired design.

Our best quality art-inspired designs are sure to brighten up even the dreariest of days.

Comfort and protection.
 kidswear provides the very technically advanced kids wear for best-ever prices for all. All our garments are made of premium-quality, soft and 100% cotton, whilst our clothing is sure to give little jockeys the comfort and protection they need.
Experience as lifelike.
 kidswear offers different outfits to your little ones that make the experience as lifelike as possible, the best-fit cloths creates a multitude of ways to entertain and inspire your young ones.


Gender-neutral designs.
Eccentric and bursting with creativity, we celebrate the magic of young imaginations with its daring gender-neutral designs.

Unapologetically sweet.
Unapologetically sweet, our team aim of designing for stylish little ones who adore injecting statement fun into the everyday dressing. Every collection contains the hallmarks of softness, dazzling embellishments and vivid colour pops, bringing an exuberant feel to every piece that is the best for your little ones.

Calming infusion.

Each collection celebrates creativity and colour with flair. Crafted unapologetically bold patterns splashed across everyday wear, tempered by a calming infusion that adds extra comfort and is the best fit.

Poetic design.

 kidswear designs boutique-inspired clothes for children on the go. Whimsical motifs and classic colourways are used to create mix and match pieces that can be worn every day and encapsulate their vision of 'poetic design'.


Fashion perfect for playtime.

100% cotton comfort makes the fashion perfect for playtime! Each piece is crafted from high-quality premium fabric fully sustainable and non-toxic.

A unique blend of innovation and tradition.
Immaculate finishes, exquisite tailoring and timeless shapes continue as a symbol of our distinctive creations. We are proud of our attention to detail and a unique blend of innovation and tradition. Undeniably, these well-loved pieces are sure to stand the test of time, transcending seasons and styles with grace.

Effortless flair to little wardrobes.
   kidswear focuses on bringing parents timeless staples imbued with sweet colours and a youthful spirit. Delicate charming dresses and luxe baby essentials are sure to lend effortless flair to little wardrobes.

Lively collection.
the lively collection focuses on colour and comfort. All our clothing is made of 100% cotton and quality designs to create a bright, patterned unisex range that continually inspires with its enchanting mix of colours, fabrics and shapes- to be worn at all times of the day and are at the best affordable price.

Vibrant designs and high-quality fabrics.

We create clothes for children looking to live life in the great outdoors, no matter what the weather brings. With vibrant designs and high-quality fabrics, little ones will be wishing for more change so they can put these charming designs over and over again.

Better quality and more advanced products.
 kidswear is proud of being a master of re-invention for the modern age while remaining true to its origins - better quality and more advanced products, for every season, imbues each collection with an authentic vibe.

Quality fabrics, expert craftsmanship and a refined approach.
 kidswear ensures quality fabrics, expert craftsmanship and a refined approach to the finer details all ensure that we remain an enduring favourite with the young fashion pack.

A unique look that little ones will never tire of

 kidswear clothes offer the premium softness and the fabrics and dyes are all of the highest quality. Even the detailing, such as the detachable, mix 'n' match badges and messages, use innovative design techniques for a unique look that little ones will never tire of.


The perfect mix of comfort and style

 kidswear products are designed to make life with a newborn and onwards as easy as possible. Whether you are taking little one on an adventure or making them comfy at home, our products have been created to best fit on your baby with comfort. Our designs perfectly mix comfort and style to create garments that little one’s love wearing.

Perfect for every occasion and seasons.

  kidswear is creating vibrant and original collections which are soft to the skin and to the environment. Our stylish designs, playful colours and motifs make their products perfect for every occasion and season.

Celebrates the magic and playfulness of childhood.

 kidswear makes enchanting, elegant clothing perfect for dressing little ones. Inspired by classic French heritage and styling, every piece is made in-house and features adorable details such as traditional tailoring and exclusive prints. Each collection celebrates the magic and playfulness of childhood, making the designs practical but polished.

Finest quality cotton.
Designed with your baby’s comfort in mind, our all collection is crafted from the finest quality cotton to create stylish clothes for tiny trendsetters. Combining modern style and traditional elements, our product exudes individuality and attitude that’s guaranteed to look and feel good while standing the test of time.

Bound to excite.
 kidswear premium quality cotton fabric that is perfect for your little one, featuring layers of delicate tulle and ultra-soft embellishments bound to excite your growing baby.

Authentic Indian techniques.

 kidswear prides itself on attention to detail with authentic Indian techniques employed in the creation of unique patterns and finishes. Rendered in the finest natural cotton with delicate detailing, injecting elegance into a daytime dressing or, conversely, bringing exceptional flair to the style.



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